Skillet Eggs with Veggies and Chickpeas

photo by   Jessica Chappe

My sister recently bought our house a new cast iron skillet which made me extremely happy. I've been making tons of skillet creations since she brought it home and this one was my favorite. I love that a skillet creates a different flavor and texture to the food you're cooking in it than a normal frying pan does - sometimes a frying pan just doesn't cut it for me. Here's to skillets and eggs!


Two spoonfuls of chickpeas

Half of a zucchini

Handful of cherry tomatoes

4 Asparagus

2 eggs

A quarter of an avocado

A few leaves of flat-leaf parsley

1 large clove of garlic


Chili flakes





  1. Wash all of your veggies. Snap of the ends of your asparagus. Chops the asparagus into small rounds. Transfer the rounds in the skillet on low heat.

  2. Rinse your chickpeas and transfer them to the skillet as well. Sprinkle a bit of olive oil in the skillet and let the asparagus and chickpeas cook for a little before adding your other veggies. Crush garlic into the mixture, drizzle honey, and sprinkle chili flakes, salt and pepper as well.

  3. Slice your zucchini into small rounds (I used mini zucchini so the small rounds were inevitable) or small triangles. Once the chickpeas and asparagus are slightly tender transfer the zucchini into the skillet along with small cherry tomatoes. Re-spice the newly added veggies, you want the flavors to live throughout the ingredients. 

  4. Once the veggies and chickpeas are slightly browned and there is a sort of broth pooling in the pan, create opening for the eggs.

  5. Crack the eggs into the openings and let them cook in the veggies until the white are fully cooked.

  6. Chop parsley and avocado into small cubes. Pull the skillet off the fire and garnish the veggies with avocado slices and lay the parsley leaves over the egg yolks.

  7. Crack pepper and sprinkle a little salt over the creation and serve.