My cooking skills are available for catering and private chef needs!

I live in Los Angeles, CA and cook for clients in the LA area.

Below is a sample menu for a week of dinners:

  • Monday - Roast turbot with Moroccan sweet potato salad
  • Tuesday - Butternut squash orecchiette with chick peas, pine nuts, and arugula
  • Wednesday - Roasted salmon with brown rice, roasted carrots and potatoes 
  • Thursday - Tomato, kale and chick pea saffron stew with tahini lemon sauce + rustic bread
  • Friday - Roast chicken Provençal with artichokes + French lentil salad with olives and feta


I try to buy most of the produce from the farmers markets and meat, dairy and dry goods from Whole Foods. I have my California Food Handler's Certification. 

Please feel free to contact me through my contact page