Feastly Pop Up Dinner #2

I hosted my second Feastly pop up dinner on October 21st and once again, it was a success. I did a second installation of my Veggie Comfort Food Feast this time highlighting fall produce and the change of the seasons - although the weather is really fighting again being called "Autumn." It's 100 degrees today!! But the night of my pop up was the perfect temperature for an outdoor dinner party. My godparents' dreamy 1930's Spanish style house in View Park, Los Angeles was the site of my feast. We set the long table up in the backyard which features a fig tree, a banana tree, and a redwood. Bright marigolds lined the table, glowy party lights shed light on the feasters, and it seems liked sillyness was the pervasive feeling with this group. I could hear laughing and singing from the kitchen above. I couldn't have pulled it off without my helpers Carina Ramirez, Camila Sobral, and my sister Jessica Chappe who took all the photos. 

Roasted Radishes
sherry, garlic, parsley

Kabocha Squash Sage Soup

butter, white wine, garlic

Sesame Lavash Crackers

Caponata Pot Pie
eggplant, red wine vinegar, onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes, capers, green olives
Rosemary Apple Tarte Tatin

granny Smith + fuji apples, rosemary, coconut whipped cream

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