Hello, I’m Chloe. I cook and write.

I grew in Los Angeles and went Bard College in the Hudson Valley, NY. My culinary mind is constantly split between these two places - they are where I learned to love food the way I do. In 2016, my last year of college, I worked in the kitchen at Gaskins where I learned about local produce and the ways of keeping fresh food simple. I am currently the pasta maker at Michael's Restaurant in Los Angeles where I continue to learn about the way food develops with the climate and how to highlight it’s natural perfection.

While at Bard I completed a senior thesis about The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book. Since then my interest in the lives, history, and careers of women in the food industry has bloomed. Visibility of female forces in a male dominated field is important; I try to curate their stories in my blog section.

The title, Moonbeam Kitchen comes from my nickname as a baby,"moonbeam Chloe." I had a shiny bald little baby head that glowed like a moonbeam. My logo is influenced by Wallace & Gromit's "A Grand Day Out" where the moon was a wheel of cheese.

Most of the photographs on my website are taken by my twin sister, photographer Jessica Chappe. The logo image for Moonbeam Kitchen was painted by my friend Nicole Ucedo